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New DIHK paper on "Dealing with packaging in Europe"

The publication is intended to provide information on the currently most important regulations on packaging and recycling in 25 EU countries.


In the updated publication, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) says it describes how European Union member states have implemented the amended EU Packaging Directive and what applies in other European countries. The EU Commission recently presented a draft for a new packaging regulation to harmonize the different regulations across the EU, it still needs to be discussed by the European Parliament and Council, the DIHK said of the publication. It could take more than a year for the regulations to come into force, and circumstances could keep changing even within countries. The national regulations for dealing with packaging still vary widely, and companies that put packaged goods on the European internal market into circulation must observe the requirements of the respective country - this also applied to European third countries. The DIHK cites the countries of Denmark, Spain and Turkey as examples: in Denmark, for example, a special consumption tax is levied on certain packaging; in Spain, there is (still) a legal labeling obligation, so that the Green Dot must be printed on packaging; and in Turkey, manufacturers are obliged to use certain proportions of recycled materials. The DIHK has compiled these and other details in its updated overview "Handling Packaging in Europe". The 51-page overview currently covers 25 European countries and shows who is subject to packaging regulations, which packaging falls within the scope of application, and which labeling obligations and special regulations apply.
Further information: download DIHK brochure (in German)


  • (Feb. 13, 2023)
  • Picture: © DIHK


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