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New Chief Executive at PlasticsEurope Germany

Ingemar Bühler took over the leadership at the German Plastics Producers Association on 1 January.

Ingemar Bühler succeeds Dr. Ingo Sartorius, who took over the post on a temporary basis following the sudden death of long-time General Manager Dr. Rüdiger Baunemann. Sartorius is now concentrating on his previous task as Managing Director and Head of the Department for People and the Environment.
Bühler, who has a degree in political science, was Head of Public Affairs & Sustainability at Bayer CropScience, the agricultural division of the Bayer Group, where he was responsible for intensive international dialogue with politicians and representatives of civil society before joining PlasticsEurope Germany. He now wants to use this experience for the currently very important dialogue and mediation between business, politics and society in the current plastics debate: "We are experiencing a split perception today," says Bühler. Plastics are, says Bühler, an absolute success story and we can no longer imagine life without them. They played an important role in environmentally friendly mobility, in energy-efficient house construction and in medicine. On the other hand, the negative environmental impact of plastic waste were an unacceptable problem that must be solved. "Plastic waste does not belong in nature. That is why our goal is an effective circular economy in which we protect natural resources and the climate," emphasises the new CEO. Here, the plastics industry had a responsibility to promote the circular economy with innovations as well as with local, regional and global commitment for better waste avoidance and modern recycling solutions. This requires "courage and determination in politics as well as in industry to move the right screws. A prerequisite for this is also to promote a more level-headed and, above all, goal-oriented debate in society," said Bühler.


  • PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. (7.1.2020)
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