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Netto packaging with new separation instructions

Symbols are intended to show at a glance how packaging should be properly separated and disposed of.

According to its own information, the brand discounter Netto is the first food retailer to use separation notices from the Trennhinweis e.V. association to educate consumers, which are to gradually replace Netto's own "recycling signpost" on its own-brand packaging. In addition to the printed separation notices, a QR code that can be used to play an explanatory video about waste separation is intended to help educate consumers about the correct disposal of packaging. The educational effort is aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of packaging collected, allowing for more high-quality recycling, is said. The non-profit Trennhinweis e.V. was founded by the dual systems and provides distributors of packaging with the Trennhinweis in flexible design variants for printing on their product packaging. Together with Trennhinweis e.V., Netto intends to drive forward the simplification and standardization of such notices on packaging. "We are convinced that manufacturers and retailers should use standardized separation notices. We make it much easier for consumers to implement correct waste separation with uniform labeling," explains Christina Stylianou, Head of Corporate Communications at Netto.



  • (Sep. 26, 2022)
  • Poto: © Netto Marken-Discount

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