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Melitta establishes recycling company in India

The consumer goods company has set up a recycling company in Bangalore together with partners.

With the "Fair Recycled Plastic" initiative, the Melitta Group says it wants to make a contribution in the fight against environmental pollution caused by plastic waste. Together with its subsidiary Cofresco and the non-profit Yunus Social Business Fund gGmbH, the company has set up a recycling plant in the southern Indian city of Bangalore and founded the social business "Vishuddh Recycle". With the help of the initiative, plastics that would otherwise end up in nature or landfills are collected, would be processed and recycled. This is said to not only reduce the amount of waste on the streets of Bangalore, but will also create new jobs. The recycling plant in Bangalore would then produce around 2,000 metric tons of plastic recyclate per year from LDPE film waste, which would then be used in the production of Melitta trash bags. According to Melitta, all profits generated by "Vishuddh Recycle" will be plowed back into the social business, which also aims to support social projects in Bangalore and thus the local community. Katharina Roehrig, Managing Director at the Melitta Group and Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability, explains, "Fair Recycled Plastic is a flagship initiative of the Melitta Group. A significant part of our product portfolio is made of plastic. That's why we see it as our duty to make a contribution against plastic pollution of the oceans and soils." Fair Recycled Plastic is intended to be an innovative example of sustainable plastic production and recycling, and to inspire other companies and stakeholders to explore new avenues as well.

  • Frankfurter Rundschau, (August 8, 2022)
  • Photo: © Mohit Khanna, Melitta Group

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