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Launch of the "We are plastics" initiative

Together, the associations GKV, Plastics Europe and VDMA want to promote the circular economy and generate enthusiasm for the material.


With "We are plastics", the three major plastics associations GKV Gesamtverband Kunststoffverarbeitende Industrie including its supporting associations, Plastics Europe Deutschland and VDMA Fachverband Kunststoff- und Gummimaschinen have joined forces to implement the circular economy and for more sustainability. The eight partner associations of plastics manufacturers, the plastics processing industry and plastics machinery manufacturers want to pool their experience and promote exchange and dialog on innovations and sustainable developments in the plastics industry in the direction of a circular economy. Open communication plays a key role for the associations and their members.

A platform for dialogue and exchange
With more facts and information on the transformation of the industry, such as the latest studies on the transformation towards a circular economy, the players want to achieve greater appreciation for plastics again. The new joint platform is intended to contribute to this and, above all, to strengthen the dialog with consumers and NGOs. Apart from the topic of waste, which is usually at the forefront of public debate, the associations want to introduce other aspects such as new materials, processes, resource efficiency and climate protection. One focus of the web offering is therefore on innovations for more sustainable use of the material in a functioning circular economy.

Sustainable handling of plastics
Companies in the plastics industry and their customers want to use fewer resources and reduce environmental impact. In addition to new raw materials for plastics production, such as biomass or CO₂, the aim is to recycle plastic as a resource as completely as possible. This would already be working very well with PET bottles or the industry's own collection systems, such as for window profiles, but not by a long shot everywhere. The industry and many initiatives were researching sustainable solutions, mostly in cooperation with users, politicians and NGOs. Examples are said to be: "Eco Design" for sustainable product design, research cooperations for chemical recycling, the alliance "Zero Granulate Loss" for the prevention of environmental pollution or the initiative "Earth" for the recycling of agricultural films.



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