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Innovations for the circular economy

Plastics Europe Germany had invited to its first Innovation Press Conference in Berlin on March 30.


As part of the first innovation press conference of the German association of plastics producers, companies such as Dow, Evonik, Otto Krahn New Business, and Arcus Greencycling Technologies showed examples of living circular economy from their practice, in addition to several technical presentations. According to the organizers, it became clear that independence of raw materials and sustainable operation with plastics, that are consistently recycled, were possible. Now, decisive hurdles should be removed together with politicians in order to clear the way for investments in large-scale plants and series production in Germany. After all, the circular economy was the only sustainable way of doing business in the long term. According to Ingemar Bühler, Managing Director of Plastics Europe Deutschland (PED), a transformation to a fossil-free circular economy was "the basis for us to become independent of raw materials and resource-efficient - this is the only way to maintain our competitiveness and quickly become climate-neutral."

The speakers' presentations and further information can be found on the Innovation Press Conference subpage (in German) on the Plastics Europe Deutschland website.



  • Plastics Europe Deutschland (March 30, 2023)
  • Photo: © PED

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