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IFAT 2024: "Closing plastic loops intelligently"

Managing Director Plastics Europe Ingemar Bühler speaks with microphone in hand at IFAT 2024

Plastics Europe, one of the official trade fair partners, is putting circular economy centre stage in Munich.

This year's world's leading trade fair for environmental technology and recycling will take place in Munich from 13 to 17 May. According to a statement from Plastics Europe Deutschland, the trade fair has become significantly more important for plastics and chemical companies with regard to the circular economy and the innovations and technologies required for this. "Plastics producers and disposal companies are moving ever closer together in order to close plastics cycles intelligently. BDE, Plastics Europe and the VCI have developed a joint model for a circular economy with plastics and are now working on realising circular value chains as quickly as possible," explains Ingemar Bühler, Managing Director of Plastics Europe Deutschland. At IFAT, visitors can already gain an impression of how circular products are created from plastic waste through the interaction of various recycling processes and technologies. According to Plastics Europe, the companies Dow, BASF, Evonik, Carboliq, Arcus Greencycling Technologies, OMV and Neste will be using concrete examples at the joint stand A6.121 to show how carbon can be kept in the cycle by means of various recycling processes. According to the companies, this is one of the key pillars for the transformation from fossil to alternative raw materials.
Further information: Link to the Plastics Europe virtual trade fair stand

  • Press release Plastics Europe Germany (15.4.2024)
  • Photo: © Plastics Europe Deutschland

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