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FNK annual report published

The 2021 annual report of the DIN Plastics Standards Committee (FNK) provides information on the status of standardization projects and other activities.

According to the FNK annual report, work started in 2021 on a Circular Economy standardization roadmap, which is intended to define the path to new and updated technical rules for circular economy. The standardization roadmap is ultimately intended to provide an overview of the status quo of standardization in the field of circular economy, describe requirements and challenges for priority topics, and formulate concrete needs for action for future norms and standards. According to the report, numerous expert groups of the FNK have also been working on a standardization roadmap for artificial intelligence since 2021. As part of this work, standardization ideas were concretized for the AI roadmap. The FNK completed, among other things, European standards on the recycling cycle of PVC-U window and door profiles and a series of standards on plastic piping systems made of polyethylene for gas supply last year, according to the report.
The DIN Plastics Standards Committee (FNK) represents German standardization interests at European and international level in a large number of technical expert committees. The FNK's remit includes the preparation of standards in areas such as terminology, specifications and also test methods for plastics and plastics-related materials, semi-finished products and products. Further standardization tasks concern, for example, the topics of biodegradability, behavior in relation to environmental influences and the recycling of plastics.
Further information: to download the annual report (in German)

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