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Fish transport box made of recycled EPS

BASF, Vartdal Plast and Bremnes Seashore jointly developed a Styrofoam box made from chemically recycled plastic.


Here's what the collaboration looks like: BASF supplies the raw material for the production of the expanded polystyrene (EPS), Vartdal Plast further processes the granulate into transport boxes, and Bremnes Seashore uses the packaging for salmon fillets from Christmas 2021. The raw material Ccycled is made from pyrolysis oil, which BASF in turn buys from technology partners. The granulate, recycled styrofoam, has the same properties as conventional styrofoam, according to the company, and is just as thermally insulating, pressure-resistant, buckling-resistant and remains stable when stacked. To use the regranulate, the boxes' manufacturer, Vartdal Plast, reportedly does not need to change its production process.



  • (12/15/2021)
  • Photo: @ Peter Tubaas / Vestland Media

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