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First iced coffee cup made from recycled polypropylene

Emmi is offering its products in the cups made from chemically recycled PP developed in cooperation with Borealis and Greiner Packaging.


Swiss dairy company Emmi uses chemically recycled polypropylene (PP) in its iced coffee and latte coffee packaging. Greiner Packaging produces the cup and sources the chemically recycled material from Borealis (Vienna, Austria) from its Borcycle range. Emmi aims to make all its packaging 100 percent recyclable and has committed to using as much as 30 percent recyclates by 2027. From September 2021, at least 100 tons of plastic made from recycled materials will be used annually for the packagings of coffee beverages, and the proportion of recycled plastic in coffee packaging will be further increased depending on the availability of suitable materials. At present, however, only limited quantities of chemically recycled PP were available. According to the cooperation partners, the quality of the recyclates obtained from chemical recycling is comparable to that of virgin PP, and the material is certified according to ISCC-PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), is noted by Borealis. Using a mass balance approach, the quantity and sustainability characteristics are said to be determined and traceable in the value chain and at each step of the process, so that it was also transparent to consumers, who could trust that the products they buy are made from renewable material.



  • (27.8.2021)
  • Photo: © Emmi

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