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ERDE initiative reports major successes in the recycling of agricultural plastics

According to ERDE, a total of 36,188 tons of carbon dioxide were saved in 2023 through the collection and recycling of agricultural plastics.

ERDE, the nationwide take-back and recycling system for crop plastics in Germany, is a joint initiative of manufacturers, IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e. V. and RIGK GmbH for the environmentally friendly take-back and recycling of used plastics from agriculture. According to the ERDE initiative, 71.7% of all silage and stretch films placed on the market were recycled in 2023, amounting to 35,514 tons. Including other collection fractions such as baler twine, bale nets, asparagus/hole films, nonwovens and mulch/greenhouse films, a total of 39,912 tons of agricultural plastics were collected via the initiative and recycled, according to ERDE. This means that 36,188 tons of CO₂ were saved in 2023 through the collection and recycling of agricultural plastics, which corresponds to the CO₂ binding potential of around 2.6 million trees. Boris Emmel, System Manager at ERDE, explained on the occasion of the annual review: "ERDE is a prime example of how manufacturers, agricultural businesses, collection point operators and all those involved in general take responsibility together. We can therefore look to the future with great optimism and are confident that we will achieve our ambitious targets under our renewed voluntary commitment in the coming years." The goals of the voluntary commitment, which was renewed at the beginning of 2024, include the collection and recycling of over 60% of all asparagus film marketed in Germany by 2026. Over 75% of all silage and stretch film is also to be collected and recycled by 2027. Specific collection targets have also been set for other agricultural plastics such as nets, yarns and nonwovens. According to ERDE, the measures are aimed at creating a holistic recycling solution for all crop plastics.

  • ERDE press release (21.6.2024)
  • Collage: © RIGK

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