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Energy and diesel prices: Disposers and recyclers under pressure

Waste management and recycling industries are struggling to cope with the drastic increase in diesel and energy costs.

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the introduction of related sanctions against Russia, prices for diesel and gas in Germany have risen by 40 and 60 percent, respectively, with significant implications for waste management and recycling companies. The Federal Association of the German Waste Management Industry (BDE) has therefore commissioned a short report for its member companies to examine the options for possible price adjustments by waste management companies in municipal waste management contracts. The bvse Federal Association for Waste Disposal and Secondary Raw Materials is calling for government support in view of the severely strained situation for waste disposal and recycling companies. Bvse CEO Eric Rehbock says: "Small and medium-sized businesses need a relief package - and fast. Decisive action must be taken now." The high energy prices were not only a burden on logistics companies, but also on plant operators, whose technology such as presses, sorting or processing plants all required energy. For the bvse, in many cases not only the short-term liquidity of the companies is in question, but also their existence.



  •, (Mar. 16, 2022)
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