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Deposit system for cosmetics packaging

Kneipp, the Berlin-based start-up Circleback and other partners are planning to set up a deposit system modeled on the beverage industry.

Würzburg-based personal care products manufacturer Kneipp GmbH says it is working on a nationwide deposit system for plastic cosmetics packaging in a pilot project together with Circleback and other companies. In addition to partners from the cosmetics industry such as Essence and Guhl, among others, recycling technology specialist Tomra and French environmental group Veolia are also said to be involved in the project, according to Euwid. "Getting enough recycled material for our packaging is becoming increasingly challenging," explains Philipp Keil, Head of Packaging Materials Management at Kneipp about the project. "That's why, as a cooperation partner from the very beginning, we actively support Circleback's approach of setting up our own deposit system for bathroom products. The idea of transferring structures already learned from the beverage industry to personal care products is great and could have a signal effect on our entire industry." Currently, too little high-quality recyclate is obtained via the yellow bag to produce packaging for the personal care industry from it across the board, Keil said. Many supermarkets and drugstores are said to have expressed interest in the concept. According to the parties involved, the pilot project is to start this half-year, initially in an Edeka store in Berlin. Empty cosmetics and personal care packaging can then be handed in at a Circleback deposit machine. Up to 20 cents per item will be paid for the returned packaging via an app. The used cosmetics packaging will be returned to Kneipp as well as participating partner brands in the form of recyclates obtained from it.


  •, (April 20, 2022)
  • Photo: © Circleback

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