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Cooperation for plastics that are difficult to recycle

The environmental services provider Prezero and the mineral oil and gas group Shell want to work together to advance the chemical recycling of plastics that are difficult to recycle.


The two companies have now signed a cooperation agreement to this end. Because not all plastic streams were currently suitable for mechanical recycling, Prezero and Shell want to work together on an innovative chemical solution to close the gap in the recycling of plastics, they say. To this end, Prezero would contribute its experience in the collection, sorting and processing of plastics to develop new solutions for the selection and conversion of waste into plastic recyclates. Shell, for its part, announced to advance new technologies that allow plastic waste to be converted into its chemical components, which in turn can be used to produce new plastics. The common goal, is said, is to develop an economical and sustainable value chain for plastic waste that is not suitable for mechanical recycling. A first joint initiative resulting from the agreed cooperation is currently already being developed in the Netherlands, is said.
Sven Nuener, Business Development Manager Prezero International, explains: "Many European countries are currently significantly increasing their recycling targets for plastics. To meet these targets, we not only need to increase the capacity of our recycling facilities, but also diversify the types of plastic waste we can process. Our new project offers new opportunities for recycling as we work with material that would otherwise end up as waste." Marco Richrath, senior vice president Chemicals and Products Europe at Shell, added: "Proper waste sorting and processing are critical to the success of chemical recycling. I am therefore very pleased that Shell is expanding its cooperation with Prezero. With the cooperation agreement, we are bringing together different players in a value chain to make progress.“
Photo (left to right): Christian Kampmann, CEO PreZero Recycling & Recovery Netherlands, Rick Winkelman, Business Development Manager Shell, Sophie Gaarenstroom, Commercial lead plastic waste Shell, Gerald Weiss, COO PreZero International, Jens Schwärmer, Schwarz Group (Procurement), Bart Suijkerbuijk, Plastic Circularity Lead Europe Shell, Shai Mangel, Head of Chemical Recycling PreZero International, Dr. Marco Richrath, Senior Vice President Chemicals + Products Europe Shell, Danielle Ebentreich, General Manager Marketing Europe Shell, Sven Nuener, CSO PreZero International.

  • Plasticker (July 14, 2023)
  • Photo: © Prezero

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