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"Compendium Plastics in the Environment"

The compendium published by Fraunhofer Umsicht is intended to provide a common basis for discourse.


The newly published "Compendium Plastics in the Environment" is intended to be usable independently of specific expert disciplines and, according to Fraunhofer Umsicht, to serve as a means of placing the social and scientific discourse on this topic on a common professional footing. The compendium was developed for a uniform terminology within the BMBF research project "Plastics in the Environment" and for external communication. Scientists from several collaborative projects of the research project would have contributed to it. It is intended to create a common basis for discourse on the subject of plastic emissions and their impact on the environment.

A common basic understanding is essential for inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation, explained lead author Jürgen Bertling of Fraunhofer Umsicht. According to the authors, the compendium, which is primarily aimed at a specialist audience, would also answer fundamental questions about plastics in the environment, as it could also be used by authorities, politicians, the media, environmental organizations and the interested public. The German version has been available since March, and an English version is currently being prepared.

More information: "Plastics in the environment - a compendium" (pdf, in German language)

  • Fraunhofer Umsicht (15.4.2021)
  • (16.4.2021)
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