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Coffee packaging made of monomaterial

Dallmayr Coffee Group is switching its packaging to a recyclable film made from just one plastic.


Dallmayr says it has developed a recyclable monomaterial film made of polyethylene that will now gradually be used for all of the company's coffees. According to Dallmayr, the first of these will be the three gastronomy coffee lines Via Verde, Azul Tierra and Cerro Verde. For environmental reasons, the remaining stocks of the original films would first be used up for the remaining ranges and then the new, recyclable material will also be used. The company stresses that it is impossible to do without packaging for sensitive natural products such as coffee and tea, and that all coffee and tea packaging is constantly reviewed to find resource-saving material solutions that allow better recycling of the various types of packaging, thus increasing the recycling rate. The polyethylene film now developed by packaging specialists is said to meet the high demands for quality and aroma protection and was hardly distinguishable from conventional standard packaging in terms of appearance and feel. The material has been certified by an environmental service provider to be 90 percent recyclable, is said.



  • (March 8, 2023)
  • Photo: © Dallmayr


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