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Circular Valley is looking for start-ups

The Circular Economy Accelerator, founded at the end of 2020, is looking for its first 15 start-ups for the EU Green Deal.

The Circular Economy Accelerator, founded in Circular Valley at the end of last year, says it is looking for its first cohort of 15 start-ups. These are to deal in particular with issues of closing material cycles in the sense of the European Green Deal and contribute to business models for the circular economy.
"Circular Valley" – an initiative of the Wuppertal Movement e.V. – covers the greater Rhine-Ruhr area from Bonn to Münster, where economic growth and environmental protection are to be brought into balance in the future under the guiding principle "Grow the Economy - Protect the Environment". The project is supported by several ministries and NRW Economics Minister Prof. Dr. Pinkwart as patron. The initiator of Circular Valley, Dr. Carsten Gerhardt, is a sustainability expert with many years of experience in the successful implementation of large-scale projects with business, politics and society.
The search for start-ups with solutions for closing material cycles is oriented towards the Green Deal, which focuses, among other things, on waste avoidance, production technologies with minimal environmental impact, tracking & tracing, waste logistics, reuse models, novel recycling technologies and service models. Interested start-ups could benefit from Circular Valley's proximity to over 300 global market leaders, leading companies in the recycling industry and the densest university and research network on the circular economy worldwide.
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