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Circular Resources takes over Germany's Green Dot

As of Aug. 10, the French company has acquired Duales System Holding and Green Dot.

Circular Resources Sàrl reportedly acquired DSD - Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG and the entire group of companies that includes Der Grüne Punkt. This includes Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH, as well as Systec Plastics GmbH, with a production facility in Hörstel, and Systec Plastics Eisfeld GmbH, which produces recyclates for the plastics and packaging industry from plastic waste collected in the yellow bag and yellow garbage can. The management of Der Grüne Punkt is reportedly to remain on board and will participate in the new company. The Der Grüne Punkt companies are to continue operating in their current form. The goal, the company said, is to continue to grow together and increase recyclate production for the market. Investments planned before the takeover to increase quality and capacity at the German recycling plants are to be implemented. At one of the sites, material streams that are currently incinerated are to be processed and used for chemical recycling by means of pyrolysis. "The fact that we are now including chemical recycling in our offering will further strengthen our growth momentum," says DSD CEO Michael Wiener (pictured left next to Laurent Auguste, CEO of Circular Resources). Carlos Monreal, founder and president of Circular Resources, says: "Circular Resources' acquisition of Der Grüne Punkt is a milestone for closed-loop recycling. Circular Resources will fully support Der Grüne Punkt's current licensing, disposal and mechanical recycling business, which is performing very well, and will complement it by introducing large-scale chemical recycling of plastic waste in Germany."


  • (August 11, 2022)
  • DSD (August 11, 2022)
  • Photo: © DSD, Jan Knoff

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