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Certificate on renewable carbon content in products

“OK Renewable Carbon” certificate: left: indication of the proportion of renewable carbon in products, right: TÜV Austria logo

The Nova Institute, TÜV Austria and the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) present the “OK Renewable Carbon” certificate.

The “OK Renewable Carbon” certificate was developed on behalf of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI), which aims to replace fossil carbon with renewable carbon from biomass, CO₂ and recycling. It is intended to show at product level how far the substitution of fossil carbon has already been achieved. The certificate and label indicate in percentages how much carbon in a product consists of renewable carbon or has been substituted in the production process, according to a statement from the Nova Institute. The stated percentages are said to be calculated from the sum of bio-based carbon, CO₂-based carbon and recycled carbon in the product. “OK Renewable Carbon” was a so-called meta-label, as it builds on other established certificates and combines them into a new label. According to the information provided, it was developed by TÜV Austria, which also carries out the certification. Interested parties can now contact TÜV Austria and have their product certified.
The new certificate is to be introduced to the market at the Renewable Materials Conference, which will take place from June 11 to 13 in Siegburg near Cologne. On the first day of the conference, the final label are said to be presented and the first products from well-known companies will be officially awarded.

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