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Carbios technology for PLA receives FDA approval

A white and a transparent new empty plastic tray lie on a light-coloured surfaceChemical plant of BASF Corporation in Port Arthur, Texas

According to the company, PLA recyclates can now be used to produce food packaging in the USA.

The enzymatic recycling process for polylactide (PLA) developed by the French biochemical company Carbios (Clermont-Limagne) and the recyclates produced using this process have reportedly been added to the US Inventory of Effective Food Contact Substances. According to Carbios, the approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took effect on 29 February and allows the Carbios process to be used for the production of food packaging in the USA. According to the company, the so-called "Carbios Active" process is suitable for the production of a new generation of PLA plastics. These were 100 per cent compostable at room temperature and leave no toxic residues or microplastics. According to Carbios, the plastic is already certified for industrial composting and composting in private households in the USA.
The USA is a key market for Carbios' technology, the company says. In Europe, Carbios is currently building a recycling plant based on its enzyme technology for difficult-to-recycle PET waste at the Longlaville site in northern France with a processing capacity of 50,000 tonnes per year. The plant is scheduled to go into operation at the beginning of 2025 and, according to a cooperation agreement with the German Landbell Group, will be supplied with 15 kilotonnes of PET flakes annually from 2026.

  • Carbios press release (5.3.2024, 29.2.2024)
  • Photo: © Carbios

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