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Car tires made from recycled PET

Continental wants to use plastics made from recycled PET bottles to manufacture car tires.


According to the Dax-listed automotive supplier headquartered in Hanover, the company wants to become more sustainable and plans to use plastics made from recycled bottles in tire production from 2022. Conventionally produced polyester yarns are to be completely replaced by a polyester yarn derived from the recycling of PET bottles. "In the context of so-called upcycling, a PET plastic bottle is thus turned into a PET high-performance material," is said. It is reportedly a process in which the shredded bottle material could be returned to the value cycle of tire plastics without any further chemical reaction steps. The technology, developed together with cooperation partner and supplier OTIZ, a fiber specialist and textile manufacturer, is also to be presented at the IAA motor show in early September.



  • Rhein Zeitung (05.08.2021)
  • Photo: © Continental

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