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Borealis invests 4.5 million euros at Porvoo site

Building and chimneys of a chemical plant in Porvoo, Finland

The proportion of circular raw materials in production is to be increased by modifying the polyolefin plant's cracker furnace.

The total annual production of renewable and chemically recycled base chemicals would increase to 120,000 tonnes as a result of the modification, the company announced. With the corresponding investment totalling EUR 4.5 million, Borealis was supporting the 2030 Strategy and driving forward the transition to a circular economy. According to the company, the basic chemicals produced at the Borealis site in Porvoo (Finland) based on renewable raw materials and chemical recyclates have been awarded the International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate (ISCC PLUS). The ISCC certification is part of a voluntary system that covers the entire supply chain on the basis of mass balancing and guarantees compliance with environmental standards.
"Our EUR 4.5 million investment in our steam cracker in Porvoo is focused on reinventing the essentials for sustainable living and brings us closer to a circular economy future," says Wolfram Krenn, Borealis Executive Vice President Operations and Base Chemicals.

  • Borealis press release (9.4.2024)
  • Photo: © Borealis, Röni Kuva Oy

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