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Borealis acquires stake in Bockatech

Borealis acquires minority stake in UK-based sustainable packaging specialist.


British company Bockatech's specialty is a technology to produce lightweight foam injection-molded packaging designed to save CO2 emissions and materials. According to Borealis, both companies are taking a leading role in the move to a circular economy for plastics. Borealis' entry into Bockatech is intended to expand the collaboration that began in 2016 to develop foam injection molding solutions for reusable and recyclable packaging. In 2020, disposable cups have reportedly already been replaced by 30,000 lightweight EcoCore cups as part of a joint pilot project at Borealis sites in Belgium, which were collected after use, cleaned and reused, and finally sent for recycling at their end of life. These environmentally friendly cups were also used at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26). According to Borealis, 70,000 of the reusable cups were ordered for this and other events.


While the collaboration between the two companies will continue to focus primarily on reusable coffee cups, other application areas will also be addressed in conjunction with technology licensing, such as reusable packaging and lightweight disposable solutions. However, applications in product areas other than packaging are also to be developed. From Borealis' point of view, one of the goals of the intensified cooperation is to provide success stories and illustrate what the circular oriented cascade model for developing eco-efficient, reusable and recyclable products consists of.



  • (12/15/2021)
  • Photo: @ Borealis

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