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BKV Workshop at the bvse Altkunststofftag

As part of the bvse Altkunstsofftag, the BKV will again offer a workshop on June 28, this time on the topic of funding instruments and technologies for more plastics recycling.

As the plastics industry's expert center, the BKV provides reliable data and facts on the topics of resource efficiency and recycling of plastics, which it also makes available to the industry in the form of studies, lectures and workshops. The BKV workshop as part of the bvse Altkunststofftag - this year the industry will meet in Neuss on June 28 and 29 - has become a tradition and is regularly attended by around 100 participants. This time, the focus is on "Ways to more plastics recycling - funding instruments and technologies". The BKV workshop will take place in the afternoon (4:00 to 6:00 p.m.) on the first day of the Altkunststofftag, following the bvse opening forum, and will be led by Bernhard Borgardt, Vice Chairman of the BKV Advisory Board. In short keynote speeches, two expert speakers will first explain their expertise and views on funding instruments that can help increase the use of recycled materials in the manufacture of plastic products. Workshop participants are also invited to participate in the subsequent discussion with the panel of experts. The second part will then begin with two keynote presentations on the topic of "Modern recycling technologies", which will also be put to the round for discussion. Here the focus will be on how the material can contribute to the climate neutrality of companies through recycling and what role chemical recycling will play in this. The first part of the workshop will be moderated by Dr. Ingo Sartorius, Managing Director of BKV, and the second part by Ulrich Schlotter, Head of Projects at BKV.
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