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BKV Report 2020/2021

The current report of the think tank of the German plastics industry offers information on study results as well as assessments by experts.


The current BKV Report for the 2020/2021 financial year makes it clear in a nutshell what the task of BKV GmbH is: to provide its shareholders and all those interested in the topics of resource efficiency and recycling of plastics with reliable data and facts. To this end, BKV develops and manages research projects and makes the results available to its stakeholders. The BKV Report 2020/2021 provides an overview of which topics the BKV is currently involved with and presents the results of some current studies. In addition, experts explain and comment on the results and their significance for their work.


A PDF for download can be found here.



  • BKV GmbH (5.6.2021)

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