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BDI Initiative for Circular Economy

With a new "Circular Economy" initiative, the BDI aims to make the industry the central driver  its development.


According to its Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Holger Lösch (photo), the BDI Federation of German Industries is pursuing the identification of technical potential for the development of a circular economy and the definition of the necessary framework conditions for a functioning circular economy with the newly founded initiative. According to Lösch, industry wants to be the central driver of development. Closed material cycles, he said, are a central key to sustainable business and achieving climate targets. Lösch sees "enormous potential for Germany as an industrial location to become the leading provider of new technologies that enable the economically viable recycling of used raw materials and reduce dependence on raw material imports" due to its high level of technological expertise.

The initiative is intended to address resource conservation and supply security holistically, from product design to recycling. To this end, he said, the initiative aims to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas between industry and politics, science and society.



  • (14.4.2021)
  • Euwid Recycling and Disposal 17/21 (27.4.2021)
  • Photo: © BDI

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