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BASF und Arcus kooperieren beim chemischen Recycling

According to the agreement between the two companies, Arcus will supply BASF with pyrolysis oil in the future.


According to the framework agreement, under which BASF will purchase Arcus' pyrolysis oil extracted from mixed plastic waste, this volume is expected to increase to up to 100,000 tonnes annually. According to the companies, the demonstration plant located in Frankfurt, which produces pyrolysis oil from non-mechanically recycled mixed plastic waste, is the first of its kind on a commercial scale. According to Daniel Odenthal, Chief Operating Officer of Arcus Greencycling Technologies, the purchase secured with the agreement now puts Arcus in a position to build further plants with higher capacity. Christoph Gahn, Vice President Chemical Recycling Business & Technologies at BASF, also sees such partnerships as key to achieving the goals of using recycled raw materials in the chemical industry and driving the transition to a circular economy. BASF plans to feed the supplied pyrolysis oil into its production network in Ludwigshafen, thus saving fossil resources.



  •, (6.9.2022)
  • Photo: Christoph Gahn (left), Vice President Chemical Recycling Business & Technologies BASF and Marco Tomasi Morgano, CTO Arcus; © BASF/Arcus

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