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BASF: recycled EPS for building insulation

BASF is offering a gray material called Neopor F 5 Mcycled that is said to contain 10 percent recycled EPS waste.

Chemical company BASF said it developed the new raw material, which is produced by extrusion, in collaboration with insulation specialist Karl Bachl GmbH & Co KG. The EPS recyclate contained in the product comes from mechanically recycled packaging waste, it said. Neopor F 5 Mcycled is suitable for the production of facade insulation as well as other building applications and offers the same mechanical properties as BASF's virgin EPS "Neopor F 5200 Plus." High-quality EPS recyclate was currently still a scarce commodity, explains Klaus Ries, Vice President Business Management Styrenics Europe at BASF. EPS insulation materials from the construction sector could also be fully recycled today. "In the coming years, we would like to increase EPS recycling with our European partners along the entire value chain and expand it to other waste streams in order to further expand the use of mechanically recycled EPS," Ries said.


  • Kunststoff Information (Mar. 14, 2022)
  • Image: © BASF

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