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BASF & cyclos-HTP: mechanical recycling also works for multilayers

PE/PA multilayer films are suitable for recycling, according to a release from the two companies.


On behalf of chemicals group BASF, testing and certification institute cyclos-HTP investigated the recyclability of multilayer PE/PA films with PA6 and PA6/6.6 concentrations of up to 30 percent using the CHI test standard developed by cyclos-HTP. In June 2021, cyclos-HTP confirmed that such films were suitable for the PE film stream, i.e. recyclable and recyclable. Now the two companies presented a publication on this with their results and conclusions. As background to the study, BASF points to the advantages of polyamides for flexible multilayer packaging, which were ignored in the current very pronounced focus on mechanical recycling of packaging waste from households and on the so-called "monomaterials" desired by the recycling industry and politicians. Recent findings on the recyclability of polyamides, including in the PE film waste stream, are not taken into account in the currently applicable regulations and design guidelines, BASF criticizes. For case-by-case testing and certification of the recyclability of individual flexible PE/PA packaging of packaging structures previously classified as non-recyclable under the Packaging Ordinance, cyclos-HTP says it is already applying the test results.


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  • joint Pressrelease BASF, cyclos-HTP (9.6.2022)
  • (10.6.2022)
  • Photo: © BASF

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