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BASF: Additives for plastics recycling

Under the name "IrgaCycle," BASF is introducing new additive solutions designed to improve the properties of mechanically recycled plastics.


According to BASF, this could eliminate quality problems that occur in recycled plastics, such as limited processability, reduced long-term thermal stability and insufficient weathering resistance. In the production of recyclates, BASF expects the volume to nearly triple by 2030 compared to today due to improved technologies and stricter regulations. With IrgaCycle, the chemical company wants to gradually expand its product portfolio with specific solutions for plastics recycling and thus contribute to the circular economy for plastics, is said. With the additives of the IrgaCycle range for recycled HDPE, recycled polyolefins and blended polymers, LDPE and LLDPE for films as well as other flexible packaging applications, for ryecycled PP and polyolefin blends, recycled HDPE and PP blends, the proportion of recycled content in various end-use applications such as packaging, automotive & transportation or construction materials can be increased according to BASF. The additive blends are reportedly available in ready-to-use product forms and could be easily added in the recycling process.


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  • (9/14/2021)
  • Photo: © BASF

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