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Amendment to the Packaging Act remains unchanged

The Federal Government rejects the amendment proposals of the Federal Council.

As Euwid reports, the Federal Government wants to leave its draft amendment to the Packaging Act (VerpackG) almost unchanged. The Federal Council had sent 24 recommendations to the Federal Cabinet, of which the Federal Cabinet would have only accepted three. According to Euwid, this emerges from the counterstatement already adopted by the cabinet. Among other things, the government has rejected the waiver of an additional registration obligation for final distributors of pre-licensed service packaging demanded by the federal state chamber, as well as the introduction of a voluntary deposit system in the form of an industry solution for disposable beverage packaging. This would mean that distributors of non-deposit beverage packaging would be forced to participate in a dual system.

The next stop in the legislative process is now the Bundestag.



  • (18.3.2021)
  • Euwid Recycling und Entsorgung 12/2021 (23.3.2021)
  • Photo: ©Fotolia

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