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Ambivalent relationship with plastics

According to a recent survey, Germans value the benefits of plastics while blaming them for marine pollution.


According to the representative Civey survey, jointly commissioned by IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen and PlasticsEurope Deutschland, consumers see the benefits of plastic and consider it indispensable in many areas, for example over 60 percent in the medical and healthcare sector, almost 55 percent in the computer and electrical sector and almost 48 percent in vehicle construction. A good 38 percent still consider plastic indispensable in the household and hygiene sector and almost 31 percent in the food supply. Around 30 percent see the greatest progress in the use of plastics in better recycling and almost as many in multiple or reuse. Only 15 percent can identify a contribution to climate protection through plastic. Over 63 percent of respondents see its biggest problem in marine pollution, around 57 percent in microplastics and around 47 percent in careless throwing away. When asked what is particularly important to them in product packaging, around 40 percent cite hygiene and a good 38 percent cite the protective function. 51 percent of respondents say that they use plastic packaging mostly to keep food fresh for longer. Only 20 percent value the longer shelf life and lighter weight.


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  • Recyclingmagazin 8/2021 (25.8.2021)
  • Photo: © Fotolia

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