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Alpla expands capacities for PET recycling

Alpla acquires Texplast and Team Wolfen, expanding PET recycling volume by 55,000 tons per year.
Austrian packaging manufacturer Alpla says the acquisitions mean it now has total PET recycling capacity in Germany of 75,000 tons a year, making it one of the largest PET recyclers in the country. Alpla acquired the Bitterfeld-Wolfen-based Texplast (125 employees) and a share of the Team Wolfen joint venture from the Fromm Group (Steinhausen, Switzerland). Textplast produces PET regranulate and PET flakes from beverage bottles. The regranulate is reportedly used primarily to produce preforms for new PET bottles. Colored PET flakes will continue to be supplied to Fromm for the production of packaging straps. PET-Recycling Team Wolfen specializes in recycling PET bottles from the yellow bag and was jointly established in 2019 as a joint venture between Fromm and Alpla. According to the company, Alpla and Fromm have invested around 7 million euros in sorting and processing facilities there. Commenting on the acquisitions of Textplast and Team Wolfen, Alpla CEO Philipp Lehner says, "Our goal is the bottle-to-bottle cycle. We are stepping up our activities worldwide to meet the growing demand for post-consumer recyclate. This investment strengthens our position in the German market and guarantees our customers high quality and availability of the material." Georg Lässer, Head of Recycling at Alpla, adds, "The long-standing, cooperative and fair collaboration with the Fromm Group was the ideal basis for this further development. The takeover enables us to increase capacity quickly and efficiently. At the same time, we are thus securing production for both sides in the future as well." By 2025, Alpla plans to invest an average of 50 million euros annually in the further expansion of its recycling activities worldwide. Currently, Alpla says it has an annual production capacity for recycled PET of around 203,000 tons and for recycled HDPE of 74,000 tons per year.


  • Plasticker (Mar. 7, 2021)
  • Photo: © Alpla

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