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Alba split: Axel Schweitzer presents Interzero

After splitting up the Alba Group, Schweitzer is pursuing the vision of a "world without waste" as head of the newly founded company.


In 2021, the Schweitzer brothers had announced that they intended to divide the Alba Group among themselves. Axel Schweitzer's shares, the sorting and processing of plastic waste, will now be transferred to the new international "Interzero" group of companies, he announced. According to Schweitzer, the name stands for "innovative, sustainable and customized recycling and closed-loop management." "With our upcoming departure from the Alba Group, a new era begins for us as an independent company committed to a 'world without waste,'" explains the shareholder and chairman of Interzero. Under Schweitzer's leadership, the environmental services provider was currently reorganizing itself, building on the Alba subsidiary Interseroh. Once the reorganization is complete, the company is expected to have around 2,000 employees in ten European countries. Interzero will specialize in the circular economy, is said. In its current structure, the company reportedly generates sales of around one billion euros.

Interzero has recently published a sustainability workbook to show how the vision of a "world without waste" can become reality. The 40-page workbook provides answers for those responsible in companies and institutions, for example on the basis of success stories from Interzero customers, in interviews and with checklists to help them become active themselves. Sybilla Merian, sustainability manager at Interzero, explains: "We want to show them ways of assessing their own situation and provide them with instructions that they can use to 'do it' themselves, but which also protect them, for example, from unpleasant surprises caused by violations of the Packaging Act." The publication also dispels myths surrounding packaging, she said.


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