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Study: Evaluation of Thermal and Catalytic Processes for the Degradation of Plastics (TU Clausthal)

Published in 2009. 41 pages. Price 250,- Euro (plus VAT).

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Already in the 80s and 90s, extensive research has been done on options for feedstock recycling of plastic waste, however, due to difficulties in process technology, it never resulted in commercial scale-ups. Nevertheless since then still today suppliers with new processes occur on the market, which always present variations of the so-called pyrolyse of plastics. Against this background, the TU Clausthal preprared with the help of an Internet and literature search and on the basis of data from tecpol GmbH in 2009 an overview to the new pyrolyse methods, being on the market. Out of all identified processes, four have been selected for a more detailed analytics and evaluation. As a result TU Clausthal concludes that in spite of many suppliers no more substantial technological progress is recognizable compared with the status in the 90s.

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